5 Ways to Win at Anything

August 26, 2016


5 Ways to win at anything?


Have you noticed how things are going? Which articles do you read when it comes to increasing your knowledge? Those in the marketing world know just how to capture your attention. They know how to get you to “click through” but what is this actually doing to your brain? What is happening to your ability to apply focused attention for more than the 30 seconds that it takes to read just the headlines (because we all know that’s what you do…).


I find myself in a dilemma. My work involves helping people perform better and when I update my news page I want to give you some useful information that will help you with your pursuits, whatever they might be.  Maybe it’s time management, developing self-confidence or behaviour change that I can help with. What I find more and more is that the underpinning foundation to any performance related problem that I work with is an individual’s ability to focus with deep concentration on the task at hand for the length of time required to complete that task. 


If I write an article which you will actually read I find that I am pulled into providing you with minimal headline grabbing help. This goes against what I’m trying to convey but I still want you to have something to make a start with. So instead of giving you 5 ways to win at anything…. I’m going to give you 2 ways to make a start at winning at anything. 


Start with a commitment by you to read a whole article and not just the headlines! 


A second step could be to read an article that doesn’t interest you in the slightest. Read it and focus on it. 


What I am attempting to do is to bridge the gap between scientific findings in my field and their application in everyday situations. It, therefore, stands to reason that the last thing I want to present you with is a “5 ways to…” article. It’s the easy hit of information which means that you don’t have to manage your time or challenge your current ability to concentrate. The only thing is, if you want to become better at anything you have to develop your ability to concentrate. The brain is much like a muscle, it will develop in its efficiency if its challenged in the right way. This is the basis of meditation and mindfulness teaching. 


Here’s a useful website for developing your concentration skills. The headspace program will help you to recognise the steps that you need to take in order to develop your concentration skills and even to understand that concentration is something that can be improved upon. The key element, however, is to apply the concentration training that you learn to as many everyday situations as you can, particularly while performing tasks that you find challenging in terms of motivation and effort. 


 Check out www.headspace.com – It’s a great concentration training program, you can download the app and try their free take 10 series today. 


Grow that brain muscle!



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