We will work together to build out your tailored  program based on your specific goals and timelines.  From our first meeting, a plan of action is determined and recommended. ​

In personal coaching sessions the issues dealt with can be solved within a small number of finite sessions. When clients explore performance issues they can discover that the solutions are straightforward. On the other hand, in order to develop more in depth skills time and discipline is required. As with any good training program there are no short cuts. The work can be demanding but extremely rewarding.

For groups I offer a range of sport psychology based programs which are adapted to your organisation's environment. Work within a range of organisations has been invaluable at building team resilience, confidence and wellbeing. 

To get started, contact me for a chat.  We can openly discuss your goals and expectations, and begin to outline your performance coaching plan.

How do I know this is right for me?

Do you need help navigating to the next level in your profession? Do you feel overwhelmed with your current workload?  Do you need help in developing the mental strength of your team? Is the wellbeing of your workforce high on your organisation's agenda?

I have a solution


Develop your personal resilience and emotional intelligence

Individual coaching sessions or group workshops that will develop you psychologically and enhance your confidence, resilience and mental wellbeing in high performance work settings.  

Getting what you want doesn't need to be a struggle. I can show you how.


 “I was at a point in my training, that I couldn’t motivated myself, all the small things were just discouraging me. I needed a little kick in the butt.  Good mental tools were suggested: Attention control tasks, they’re fantastic, still use them very regularly! I Always remember “above the clouds!”

International Marathon Competitor

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